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Z: Jump/Double Jump/Slowfall(hold)
X: Dash

Pro tip:
You can jump after a dash. Keep yourself in the air using this technique!

Gain a combo counter by killing a lawyer or eating a candy. Miss a candy and your combo resets. Each combo counter grants you a 100% score multiplier. Each candy grants you 10 score and each lawyer 50/75/100 score depending on if you hit the legs, head or torso. Missed candies will be eaten by King who grows and eventually eats you.


You've just created your awesome new game, Candy Rush Saga! All that's left is to upload it to the world wide internets and become a superstar. Unless of course King hear about you first...

Escape King and gather candies so that he doesn't get them. Dash through the evil lawyers standing in your way and build combo streaks to get maximum points. Above all, stay alive. Also, you lost your pants.

If Robot Unicorn Attack made love to Devil May Cry, Candy Rush Saga would be their naked love child.

Made during two weekends for TheCandyJam 2014.
Send your love,hate and rage to @FarmerJ03 on twitter or to wearecuriouscarl@gmail.com.