Move: [Arrow-keys] or [WASD]
Jump: [Z] or [N]
Punch: [X] or [M]

When a protester has been beaten you can have him join your protest (by not hitting him again for a while)

Or you can take his life by hitting him once more. This will give you 1 more heart.


Enough is enough! Those crazy worshipers have completely barred off your part of town and they are feeding abortion moms and non-believers to their flesh munching golden calf. Their hatred is a cancer on your beloved society and you've made up your mind. If they can't find their way to the truth on their own, you will MAKE THEM see it. To aid you you have your two trusted fists "Common" and "Sense", sometimes also supported by your feet "Mr and Mrs Dropkick".

Your journey is clear and your goal is set. Beat some sense into these crazy's and save the world!

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